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With an immense passion for guiding people, part of my focus in the music industry is being a coach to artists, entrepreneurs, executives & other creatives who want to activate their purpose, align their craft with their business & expertly communicate their ideas.

By leaning on decades of authentic content development & transformative user experiences, I can help others realize their potential & execute on bold visions.


I've helped hundreds of artists & startups find empowerment, knowledge & acceleration toward clearer goals in a more purposeful way - and I'm here to help you do the same!  


  • Learn not just how to keep your fire lit but get it to burn brighter

  • Ignite your positivity & use it to your advantage

  • Embrace your adaptability

  • Discover workflows that open up more time

  • Learn how to create & attract opportunities

  • Shatter your limiting beliefs!

  • Save years of struggle

  • Take it with your band, team, or other collaborators

  • Tune in from anywhere in the world

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Sign up anytime! New sessions start every week

  • Get a personalized plan & coaching specific to you

  • Learn how to align your art & business

  • Get feedback on demos, strategies, and more

  • Remote connection & flexible scheduling

  • Take it with your band, team, or other collaborators.

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