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Why do artists, producers & bands need coaching?


You don’t have to go this journey alone. Whether you’re a solo artist, a producer or a band at any level, the success you define for yourself will always take a plan to achieve. But where to start? Tap into Brad’s journey and get insight on high points to head for and pitfalls to avoid. Brad has been opening faucets of possibility for creators since his youth and is dedicated to helping create the conditions for YOU to grow. Exactly as you want, exactly where you want to go.

Why Brad?

Brad sits at a powerful intersection of experience in both music development & artist development. Through his career he has been on 1000's of studio sessions and on the ground floor of the development of over 300 artists reaching millions of people globally per month. His approach is centered on creating a space for you to feel empowered, to give you the tools to access your magic & purpose and the real-world strategies to make it all come together. Brad creates a safe space for artists to receive truth, grow from it and rise to the exact place they envision. This is why time and time again, creatives turn to Brad for his expertise and fearlessly dedicated support.