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  • Inspiring studio credits from over 1000 sessions with artists such as Bob Weir, Malik Yusef, Finish Ticket, G Eazy, The Outer Vibe, Slightly Stoopid, Mary Bragg, John Scofield, Grateful Dead, Chickenfoot, Madame Gandhi, Dovydas and Night Ranger as well as organizations like RCA, Airbnb, Jack Daniels, Rhino & MTV. [ for a full list]


  • Achieved success as a staff engineer & producer for the legendary Bob Weir; Aided in the creation of TRI Studios, a live music & video streaming service ahead of its time. Developed it's analog/digital hybrid workflow.


  • Co-developer and original music program director of Zoo Labs, an incubator that harmonizes music & business for artists from all over the world. Designed a program to help artists develop music & business that are aligned with each other.


  • Frequent contributor of craft & resources to underserved artists & youth.


  • Adaptability Expert - Lo fi to hi, analog desks to Ableton Live; can thrive in a large format analog studio running tape sessions or a budget laptop setup in a garage.


  • Track building expert with a focus on creating material for co-writes.


  • Past Governor of the Recording Academy for the GRAMMYs, current voting member.

  • Bachelors of Applied Science (BAS) in Audio Engineering from SAE Ex’pression College for Digital Arts






Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 10.55.23


The Outer Vibe - Shining Like a Diamond (Pop/Rock) [Produced, Engineered, Co-Write]

Mary Bragg - Edge of This Town (Country/Americana)

[Produced & Engineered]

Laney Lou & the Bird Dogs - Carolina (Bluegrass/Pop) [Produced & Engineered]


Madame Gandhi - Her
(Pop/Electronic) [Produced & Engineered]

Dovydas - I Want To Fly Away (Pop/Rock) [Produced, Engineered, Co-write, Track Built]

The Easy Leaves - Fresno

(Country/Roots) [Produced & Engineered]

SOL Development - Helicopter

(Hip-Hop/Soul) [Produced & Engineered]

Finish Ticket - Never Alone

(Pop) [Produced & Engineered]

G Eazy - Random

(Hip Hop) [Engineered]

Ghost & Gale - Take Me to The Fire (Pop/Folk) [Produced & Engineered]

Vanda - Young for Life

(Pop) [Produced, Engineered, Track Built]


Madame Gandhi - Gandhi Blues (Pop/Electronic) [Produced & Engineered]


Dovydas - Jump On the Dragons (Rock/Pop/Trap) [Produced, Engineered, Track Built]





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